Centre de Sciage de la Mauricie - Découpage Carbone , Sciage Aluminum , Traitement Silicium

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The cutting of cathodic blocks used in the furnaces of aluminium smelters began in 1972 at Trudel and Gagnon monuments manufacture which is specialized in the fabrication and sale of funeral monuments.
In 1984, Mr.Denis Gagnon and Mr.Claude Trudel founded the new compagny named Centre de Sciage de la Mauricie INC.which was then dissociated from the monuments compagny to specialize in the cutting of cathodic blocks.
In 1993,the current owner,Mr.Ghislain Trudel acquired the compagny and decided to continue the activities of Centre de Sciage de la Mauricie INC.

Our production capacity varies according to the nature of the products been cutted.we can count on a solid and qualified labour men that have over twenty years of experience on our premises.
Since 1972,we have established very good relations with Alcan aluminium smelter.we have always met the high quality requirements demanded by Alcan.

Currently,our factory is equiped with several cutting machines.These cutting machines have a range of blades between 24 and 80 inches diameter , what enables us to proceed to various cuts , these cutting machines are operated with full automated systems ans are able to cut carbon and aluminium blocks.

having the quality accrediditation CSA-z299.4-1985,we have established systems able to meet and pass the quality system on differentes bases.

Centre de Sciage de la Mauricie INC is a very reliable compagny,thanks for the experience gained over several years in the cutting of carbon and aluminium blocks.We ensure are customers that they will have a quality product always delivered on time and at a fair and competitive price

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